Data Analytics for Big Data

Apache Flink is the latest data analytics platform in the Big Data area. It is an Open-Source project undergoing incubation in the Apache Software Foundation. Flink originated from the Stratosphere research project By TU-Berlin and the EUROPA EIT-ICTLABS project by TU-Berlin and SICS Swedish ICT. Compared to competing modern data processing platforms such as SPARK , it has comparable performance but excels in supporting native iterations, graph processing and real-time stream analytics, features that are necessary for large-scale machine learning.

SICS and KTH researchers are responsible for developing the real-time streaming components of the platform and are supported by the SSF-project End-2-End Clouds.

For more information about Flink platform, visit http://flink.incubator.apache.org. For information about the project, contact Seif Haridi at SICS seif@sics.se

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