Service Innovation Increases Freedom of Movement in Public Transportation

On 14 October an innovative new service, ResLedaren (The TravelGuide), was launched as a mobile app. It supports people with cognitive disabilities in travel on public transportation. This service is the result of an innovative collaboration between Viktoria Swedish ICT, public transportation companies in Stockholm and Gothenburg and experts on autism pedagogy.

In 2013, the ResLedaren app won the innovation challenge TravelHack, a hackathon founded by Viktoria Swedish ICT (in partnership with others) with the goal of inspiring Swedish developers to create apps and services that make public transportation more attractive. ResLedaren is an extended trip planner that provides the traveller with memory support and oversight from start to finish of their trips.

With support from VINNOVA and its program “Service Boost - Innovation projects,” the service was developed further. The new service was launched for public transportation users in Gothenburg and Stockholm in October 2014. Marcus Weiland, Development Manager at Samtrafiken (a joint development company for public transportion in Sweden) and Chairman of steering group for the project said:

“The project is a great success and a good example of what can be achieved in collaboration between entrepreneurs, interest groups, industry actors and research institutes. TravelHack generated long-term stakeholders, and the project has managed to handle both development and operations with limited funds.”

ResLedaren is designed especially for people with cognitive disabilities that make processing information difficult. The new mobile app provides easy and clear information, as well as memory support and orientation aid, for an overview of the whole trip. Viktoria Swedish ICT has performed the evaluation of the service and the development of the business model.

“We have been able to document an open digital innovation process from start to launch, which generated much new and exciting knowledge. This is a platform for further research on third party development for smart mobility", said Anders Hjalmarsson, Viktoria Swedish ICT, one of the organizers of TravelHack and participant in the ResLedaren project.

The app is now available from both Google Play and the iOS App Store.

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